Saturday 23 January 2021
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5 Countries You Can Visit With An Affordable Budget

5 Countries You Can Visit With An Affordable Budget

Are you looking for a cheap vacation this year? This is the right place to be. According to experts and studies, it shows that travel prices are rising throughout the year. Besides, booking for flights and hotels to stay at your destiny through Opodo, it is, therefore, possible for you to take a budget trip when you know where you can go.

You might have an ever-growing journey you wish putting you into some pressure in your pocket. However, there are various destinations worldwide you can get bang for your buck. From one continent to another, here are top 5 countries you can visit and no need to break your bank:

  1. Spain

Spain is a country located on Europe’s Iberian Peninsula. After visiting the country, you can visit its 17 autonomous regions having diverse cultures and geography. The country’s high place is called Madrid, and you can visit the Prado museum and housing works by the European masters.

Visiting Segovia, it has a medieval castle and also an intact Roman aqueduct. When in Barcelona, Catalonia’s capital, its defined by Antoni Gaudi landmarks such as Sagrada Familia church.

Moreover, you can visit the country’s top cities and book through on where you will stay while there. Some of the cities include Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, Costa Brava, Andalusia, San Sebastian, Valencia, and Pamplona.

  1. Italy

If you want to visit a country with long Mediterranean coastline during vacation, visit Italy. The state has a great mark on cuisine and Western culture. Rome is the capital city of the country and home for the Vatican and moreover a landmark for ancient and art ruins.

In the country, you can visit other cities including Florence having Renaissance masterpieces like Brunelleschi’s Duomo and Michelangelo’s “David,” the city of canals, Venice and Italy’s fashion capital – Milan.

  1. Denmark

It is a Scandinavian country that comprises of numerous islands and Jutland Peninsula. The state links to Sweden through Oresund bridge. The country’s capital city is Copenhagen.

In Denmark, there are various places you can miss visiting including colorful Nyhavn harbor and Tivoli amusement park. It is a place to see a “little mermaid” statue. In Odense, there is a writer Hans Christian Andersen’s town having half-timbered houses and medieval core with cobbled streets

  1. Malta

In the central Mediterranean between North African coast and Sicily is where to find Malta. The country is rich in historic sites related with success of rulers including British, French, Saint John Knights, Moors, and Romans. When in this country, you can visit numerous fortresses, al Saflieni Hypogeum, and megalithic temples.

  1. Portugal

For a low budget trip, you can visit Portugal. It borders Spain and a Southern European country. The country bases on the Atlantic Ocean and has many aspects from its culture, grilled sardines, and salt code as its national dishes.

You can’t miss Algarve’s beaches after paying a visit to the country. The place is a country’s major destination and architecture since the 1500s to 1800s, a period when the state had a mighty maritime empire.