One of the top spots for campervan hire new zealand travelers is the country’s beautiful South Island which boasts incredible water views, stunning nature, and an abundance of activities to take advantage of. This is easily one of the most coveted locations for campers in the world, and anybody traveling through New Zealand should definitely have the South Island near the top of their places to visit. If you’ve made the right choice and have scheduled in a stay on the South Island then keep these sites in mind for places to camp. You will be sure to have the time of your life in this scenic and laid back region so make sure to schedule in enough time to truly enjoy all the South Land has to offer.

Pelorus Bridge Campground

For anyone camping on the South island, Pelorus Bridge is your perfect spot for making your home base. This site is fully serviced and includes clean bathroom facilities and a full kitchen. The comfortable and well-maintained grounds are positioned on the banks of a gorgeous river, inspiring a sense of tranquility that will be a major relief after all those hours on the road. Several major scenes from Lord Of The Rings were filmed here, and if you’ve seen LOTR then you know how majestic this scenery is. Legendary for its tranquil vibe, great services, and scenic location, Pelorus Bridge is a standby for campers in the region.

Mapua Leisure Park

This site is massive and has all the amenities and hookups you will need for a long and comfortable stay. Even though the site is one of the larger on the island, it is sectioned in a way that gives it the feel of a smaller park. Located right next to the water, the views here are incredible and the facilities top notch. This park is known to inspire a great sense of peace and calm with its tranquil setting, but there are lots of activities to get up to in the area including swimming, fishing, surfing, and some amazing hiking trails. This mixture of peaceful setting and nearby action makes Mapua one of the most coveted camping spots in the South Land.

Marahau Beach Camp

Just like its name suggests, this is a beachfront camp located on one of the most gorgeous stretches of sand in the South, Marahau Beach. This is a smaller site that that is well known for its high end facilities that will be a major selling point for anyone who has just spent a lot of time on the road on a campervan hire new zealand journey. You really can’t beat the beachfront location here. All you need to do is wake up and take a few steps to the beach, making this the perfect park for those seeking the ultimate New Zealand beach camping experience. After a long day on the beach enjoying the hot sand and warm waters, swimming, fishing, or boating, then you can enjoy a shower in the well-maintained bathroom facilities and settle in for a comfortable night camping on this gorgeous and comfortable site.

Pohara Beach Top 10 Holiday Park

Located on the northern tip of the South Island, this scenic park gives you direct access to the legendary Pohara Beach. The sites feature water views and are known to be well-maintained and comfortable. Another great spot for a long beach stay, this site has achieved legendary status with campers for many years and will be recommended to you by any knowledgeable campervan traveller in the region. Quiet and tranquil, you won’t soon forget your stay here. There are an abundance of activities to take advantage of as well including great fishing, amazing hiking trails, biking, and paddle boarding. There are many places to eat and drink in the region as well, all of which makes for an equally relaxing and stimulating stay.

Punakaki Beach Camp

Continuing with the beach camp scene, this one will put you right in the range of the legendary Pancake Rocks. You can walk to them from your camp, making this comfortable camp one of the top popular spots in the region. The sunsets here are incredible, and you can watch them over the water right from your camp. When it comes to scenic locations, this one really beats them all. The facilities are known to be clean and well maintained, and the laundry facilities will come in handy for those in the midst of long road trips. Make sure not to pass this site up.

The South Island is known for its incredible scenery and miles of coastline, and you can experience both of these  assets on your campervan hire new zealand journey if you take advantage of one of the many amazing campgrounds along the way.