Those are traveling to Barbados can expect to see huge waves, an inviting northern coastline and an abundance of mountainous areas for nature lovers. However, this Caribbean island also provides gourmet restaurants and vibrant nightlife scenes on the western shores. Regardless of what you are coming to Barbados for and which Barbados Vacation Rentals you choose, the island has a lot for you to offer. Below are some of the things you can do in Barbados.

Party during the Harvest Festival

The festival is called Crop Over which preserves a lot of historical elements such as dancing, music and all kinds of Bacchanalian indulgences. During the festival, the competition called Calypso Monarch award is held. You can join the festival if you go to Barbados between June and the first Monday of August.

Tour Rum Distilleries

Mount Gay is a known rum distillery that allows tours to provide a behind-the-scenes look at their production process. Visitors here will learn about sugarcane harvesting, product bottling and other processes involved in the making their rum. However, the best thing about being here is sampling rum varieties.

Swim with Sea Turtles

You can just imagine how it feels swimming in aquamarine waters and be surrounded by many black and yellow Barbadian Chubs and greenback Sea Turtles. The turtles will swim beneath you while you float above the two barges’ wreckage.

Visit the Harrison’s Cave

When visiting the cave, your tour begins at the Visitor Reception Center and you descend from the top of the cliff to the valley floor either through the glass-fronted elevators or the scenic trails. Expect to be on this tour for 45 minutes that include touring through an underground wonderland that is full of wonderful flowstone formations.

Hang Out with the Locals

Barbados has 60 beaches and 70 miles of coastline made remarkable by surrounding trees, blues waters and skies an offshore breeze. This is a perfect setting to spend your day relaxing and chilling with your friends and some locals. At night, a lot of locals stroll through the St Lawrence Gap, which is restaurant filled with life. You can also find many of them drinking rum punch and beer at the Holetown street parties.

Visit Botanical Gardens

Hunts Gardens is in St Joseph, featuring the biggest collection of tropical and sub-tropical plants in the eastern part of the Caribbean. The Flower Forest is a favorite among travelers which combine a botanical garden with a rainforest.