Copenhagen is a well-known capital city of Denmark and has a rich history. The city offers many exciting places for visitors and people from various countries visit here. It is one of the most visited cities in Europe. You can find many royal palaces, beautiful old and modern buildings, museums.

If you want to visit this city then you must book in advance any apartment Copenhagen holiday with a facility for cooking too. Following are few important places to visit if you ever happen to be in Copenhagen.

Tivoli Gardens

This is one of the oldest known amusement parks in the whole world. This was created in the year 1860, and it will take you back to those olden times. Its fairy style settings and beautiful architecture has turned it into the most important attraction. Few additions have also been made in the park keeping in view the interest of modern generation.

Shopping at Stroget

At Stroget, which is one of the liveliest shopping places in Copenhagen where you will find longest pedestrian streets of the Europe, you can get items of almost every famous brand. Even if your intention is not to shop, you will enjoy viewing the artistic talents that you can find on the street.

Jazz Festival at Nyhavn

Copenhagen was one of the well-known business ports during 1600. Now this place Nyhavn has turn into a very busy neighborhood of the city. There are homes of number of famous writers and artists, which has been converted into pubs and cafes. Every year Jazz festival is celebrated in the month of July and it is free admission. However, rate of beer and coffee may increase during festival season.

Copenhagen Distillery

If you love liquor then there are good reasons to visit this tiny distillery setup which is located in the outskirts of Copenhagen. You can get very good quality of whiskey and gin that you can take as souvenir for your friends back home.

Islands Brygge Harbour

If you enjoy swimming then visit this place for free swimming right in the center of the city. There are 5 open swimming pools available on this Island which is open from June to September. Local people visit this place whenever they feel that it is too hot. Even if you are not fond of swimming you can visit the island for sunbathing or to enjoy small picnic near swimming pool.